SGT Advanced

Boys/Girls | Fridays 5pm, 6pm (Defense/Offense/Goalies), or 7pm (Offense/Goalies) | September – November

Skills Growth Training (SGT) is training designed to help advanced players build their skill set and confidence on the field to become an impact player. Bring your laxer to the lab and let him/her experiment with their play, and come up with the right formula for them- BALLER! Take your SPOT! 

SGT is a training course designed to help take an advanced player’s  game to another level. Our coaches maintain a fast paced tempo going over progressions and skill set drills to help grow a player’s confidence. We also teach, giving the athlete the IQ, a better understanding of when, how and where to attack a defense, and how to play on ball/off ball defense, with communication, and execution. Our offensive goal is to make the player a threat to any defense in any set. Defensively our goal is play aggressive through communication, physical play, and skills to play 1v1 on an island with 100% confidence! SGT goalie training is the same. Building a goalies confidence inside/outside the crease.  Triple threat is what we teach; Command the defense, skilled between the pipes, and we turn shots to instant offense…generating possessions. Do the quiet things loud, and have that WOW moment, to make a team, or win a game! We challenge both the boys and girls to be an impact player, make it hard for your coach to take you off the field.  Play aggressive, smart and confident…

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Meet our Coaches

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