WOW 101 Clinic

February 28, March 7, 14, 21, 28, 2021

Sundays – 12pm-GIRLS, 1pm-Boys

101 is a designed training course to help the group of players from beginners – 3yrs of experience (both boy/girl) to both understand the game of lacrosse more, AND to grow their confidence with their individual skill set.

We breakdown ground balls, passing, catching, dodging, and shooting. EVERYTHING we do is both left and right handed.  We believe this is KEY for the development of young players.  

Work or Watch Lacrosse’s upbeat and encouraging atmosphere helps the players understand that we’re not just coaches, but fellow players encouraging their teammates to become better players!  Motivating the players to buy in, have fun, and strive to become better.  We are inspired to keep growing the sport by the smiles under the face masks and goggles we see when a player does something for the first time.  It’s why we love what we do, it’s why we love the game of lacrosse!

Lacrosse is the poster child sport of, “you get out of it what you put into it!”  We will instill in our players the work ethic it takes to, “make an impact on the field, and a footprint in the community” 

This is a very upbeat Clinic with lots of prizes and giveaways. We put a lot of focus on the meaning of GiveBack. Make an impact on the field, and a footprint in the community. We hold food drives and fundraising competitions to raise money for local charities. These values were instilled in our coaching staff at a young age and we want to pass along that same message for the generations to come. You’re either putting in the Work or you’re not! Become a better player, and Take your SPOT! 

$100 – 5 sessions

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Meet our Coaches

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